Sports Nutrition

Food impacts Sports performance. Good nutrition and hydration are essential for an athlete to train well, obtain sports specific weight and body composition, recover from a strenuous bout of exercise, prevent sports injuries and deliver the optimal performance.

Every individual is unique and Nutrition needs should be planned based on the sport, weight, body composition, training phase (preparation, competition, offseason), lifestyle and eating habits.

Personalized Nutrition:

Nutrition periodization based on training periodization is the need of the hour.

The Process

  1. Assessment : Assessment of body weight, body composition, blood profile, training schedule, eating habits, lifestyle habits, short term and long-term goals, periodization of training.
  2. Nutrition Plan: Individualized Nutrition plan is designed to achieve sports, health and fitness goals.
  3. Follow Up: To assess, evaluate and guide the athlete to achieve his goals.

Key Features

  1. Individualized meal plan
  2. Weight gain/loss based on training or competition needs
  3. Practical guidelines for travel/competition
  4. Nutrition supplements guidance
  5. Awareness on doping

Group sessions/workshops:

Nutrition and supplement education to sportspersons, coaches and support staff to develop nutrition strategies during training, competition, travel and off-season. The interactive sessions are very useful to clarify doubts and update knowledge of the current trends and practices. The sessions also help the teams to bond and connect.

Dr. Geetanjali Bhide

Sports Nutritionist

BSc (Dietetics and food service management)
MSc (Food Science and Nutrition) , PhD (Sports Nutrition),
UGC NET Qualified