There are many forms of facial deformities that a child might grow with. This is due to hypertrophy of the masseter muscle a simpletrimming of muscle and reshaping of the jaw gives an easy aesthetic result. SaiShree Hospital offers treatments and rehabilitation resources to every child born with a facial deformity. The craniofacial deformities range from very small to large disfiguring clefts and malformations. The deformities can either be congenital (by born) or could possibly be the result of illness, surgery, or accidental injuries.

Facial and Cranial Reconstruction

Children born with an irregular shape of the skull or facial features are treated by our expert plastic surgeons and the multidisciplinary team helps shift the bones of the head and face back to its normal position. The doctor will first evaluate the patient’s condition and depending on the severity of deformities, we suggest further treatment approaches.

Maxillofacial Reconstruction

Our oral surgeons perform the maxillofacial reconstruction surgery including the deformities acquired due to the child’s trauma, tumors, or congenital abnormalities. Our multidisciplinary team corrects the facial asymmetries and adjusts the jaw alignment. We also perform the reconstruction process to correct the abnormal growth of the upper and lower jaw.

Book your appointment to know more about the facial deformity surgery and treatment options. Our pediatric surgeons use state of the art approaches to treating infants, children, and adolescents to recover from facial and head trauma.