Urologic cancer is diagnosed in the bladder, prostate glands, kidneys, or bladder. Each one of them is relatively common in treatment approaches. If you have been diagnosed with any such cancer type then SaiShree Hospital urology specialist team will surround you with the utmost care and support. We understand the testicular cancer is most-denied cancer due to embarrassment faced by the patient. However, it demands specialist consultation so that cancer could be treated at its early stage.

Treatment Overview

Depending on your type of cancer and medical history, your urology cancer surgery might include one of the following treatments :

  1. Cystectomy : It includes the removal of all or parts of the bladder to treat bladder cancer
  2. Radical Nephrectomy : It is a surgical process of removing all or parts of the kidney. The treatment is performed in cases such as cancer, kidney damage, or diseased kidney.
  3. TURBT : Nephron Preserving (Partial) Nephrectomy in selected tumours.
  4. Hormone Therapy : Your doctor will recommend hormone therapy in case of a prostate cancer diagnosis. It includes usage of medicines to reduce the hormonal level of testosterone which further controls cancer to spread.

Why SaiShree?

At SaiShree Hospital, our state of the art diagnostic approach with advanced cancer equipment helps us diagnose urology cancer at its earliest stage when it can be easily treated without complications. Typically, not every urologic complication can be treated with the same approach. Each patient has unique physical analogy and therefore, we offer customized cancer treatment approach with respect to their individual risks and preference.