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Urology refers to the field of medicines that focus on diseases of the urinary tract (of both male and female) and the male reproductive tract. The urinary tract is a system that creates, store, and releases urine from our body. Urologists perform treatment (and surgery in complex cases) to resolve any part of this system. Any complications present in a patient’s kidney, urethra, and ureters, bladder, or adrenal glands, Saishree Hospital urologist team can treat them. Apart from this, urologists also treat the entire male reproductive system which includes penis, prostate, and testicles for the formation and release of urine.

Treatment Overview
The treatment process starts with your urologist specialist performing a CT scan or MRI to access inside the patient’s urinary tract. After this, they collect the sample of patient’s urine for a lab test. The result of this test helps the doctor to check your urine for bacteria or any infection. Urologists are also professionals and well-trained to perform surgeries such as:

Kidney transplant : Replacing a damaged kidney with a healthy one
Biopsy for cancer : They perform biopsy surgery of the bladder, prostate, and kidneys
Cystectomy : Removal of the bladder to stop cancer from spreading
Prostatectomy : Removal of all or parts of the prostate gland to treat prostate cancer
Ureteroscopy : This involves using a scope to remove stones in the kidney and ureters
Vasectomy : To prevent pregnancy, this involves cutting down the tube through which the sperm travel through to produce semen.
If you got any of the symptoms such as trouble urinating, pain in lower back or penis, urine leakage, a decline of sexual desire, a lump in the testicles, or trouble getting an erection, consult our expert team of Saishree Hospital Urology specialist. We help our patients achieve health with utmost support and care.