Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars in the back of our mouth. They often grow in adults at the age of 17-25. If your doctor has prescribed you to remove the wisdom teeth, you should be aware of the treatment results and rehabilitation. Mostly, they are removed due to one of the 4 reasons :

  1. They are impacted : As they lie in the back of our mouth, it gets challenging for them to grow normally. They can either get trapped in the jawbone which can be extremely painful.
  2. They grow at a wrong angle : Your wisdom teeth have grown abnormally and may press against your other teeth.
  3. Your mouth is small which restricts the molars from having sufficient room in your jaw for some extra molar sets.
  4. You have gum disease : This is because you might not be able to reach your wisdom tooth.

Treatment Overview

The surgical process for wisdom tooth removal will hardly take 45 minutes or less. A local anesthesia is given to the patient for relieving surgical pain throughout the surgery. Then after, your doctor will have to cut the gums or bones to remove the teeth out. Under such circumstance, the oral dentist will heal the wounds with few stitches that usually get dissolved within a few days.

Contact our expert SaiShree medical team to know more about this surgery and its aftercare. Our experts believe in a patient’s complete recovery under their observation and therefore we will guide you through a rehabilitation program and consultation session.