Cracking Knees

Cracking Knees (Knee Cracking)

You sit for a while, then stand up, and your knees crack! It’s even worse if you’re experiencing pain as a result of the cracking. Have you ever wondered why your knees make that horrible noise? There are a few possibilities. Let’s find out what causes those cracking knees.

Your knees contain a diverse set of components. Normally, all of these work smoothly to provide easy movement with little to no cracking and pain. However, the anatomy of your knee can change due to damage or wear and tear. When this happens, movement may become less smooth, resulting in audible cracks when you bend or straighten your knee.

  • Cracking Knees Noises Without Pain

A small amount of noise when moving your knees is normal and very common. Crepitus is a medical term for these noises. There can also be loud cracking or popping without causing knee pain. This happens more frequently when you are squatting or have your knees bent for an extended period of time. It’s simply your knees readjusting to their new position.

  • Cracking Knees Noises with Pain

If your knees are making noises and you are in pain, something more serious may be going on. You could, for example, have a meniscus rupture. The rubbery meniscus normally acts as a cushion inside your knees. However, when injured, the meniscus can tear. Furthermore, the torn part may get grabbed in the knee joint, causing pain, locking, or popping. The cartilage around the joint can also tear, particularly following a sports injury. Furthermore, this cartilage can wear down over time, giving the sensation of bone grinding on bone.

You may hear or feel your knees crack, pop, or grind if you have a meniscus tear or articular cartilage damage. In these cases, the cause is a medical condition that may necessitate medical attention. In more severe cases, surgery may be required.


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