Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee pain due to an injury or disease hinders the overall quality of life. Where many knee problems might be resolved with non-surgical treatments, there are many such cases where knee surgery becomes mandatory. Saishree Hospital Orthopedic surgeons are keen to offer knee surgery with basic principles of surgery yet customized approach. Many advances have been made in the field of knee surgery, helping the surgical procedures to be less invasive and more efficient.

Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgery is typically performed to eliminate the pain in the hip joint and also ensure the normal functionalities of the hip is restored. Moreover, the aim is to fasten the process of recovery so that our patients can walk normally without any problem at the earliest. Sai Shree Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Pune for a hip replacement surgery. In situations where you have injured your hip or having trouble recovering from it even after therapy and taking medication.

Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Shoulder pain is an enormously common And there are many causes associated with the problem. Arthritis is one of the commonest causes in elderly people. It is a condition which affects cartilage of joints. Shouder arthritis causescartilage of joint to wear out thin & expose the open bone .as cartllageliining wear away the defensive lining between the bones will be lost & this is main cause of shoulder pain.

Spine Surgery

Saishree Spine surgery unit is one of a kind Spine centre in Pune to have all state of the art Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery under one roof. We at Saishree Spine, follow a customized protocol based treatment best suited for the patients age, symptoms and patients expectations that to at the most affordable rates. This includes simple day care procedures like Pain blocks, Endoscopic Spine surgeries to complex Deformity correction surgeries.

Trauma Surgery & Arthroscopy

Trauma in the medical field is referred to an injury that is caused due to high impact and trauma surgery is carried out to repair the damaged part or the tissues. Trauma is the injury that is caused when an individual is subjected to blunt force. In most cases, victims of trauma are involved in an incident such as a car crash, injury caused due to falling from a height, stabbing, wound from a gunshot etc.


SaiShree Infertility & Test Tube Baby Centre is one of the topmost hospitals in India for prevention and treatment of infertility. Our highly adept doctors along with qualified staff members work as a closely woven unit to infuse clinical excellence and enhance your chances of enjoying parenthood. With the help of cutting edge infrastructure and the latest technologies at our IVF treatment Centre in Pune, our dexterous team strives to render the best ever possible treatment for infertility.

General Surgery & Laproscopic Surgery

SaiShree Hospital offers comprehension solution to all General and laparoscopy surgical procedures under one roof. We at Saishree Spine, follow a customized protocol based treatment best suited for the patients age, symptoms and patients expectations that to at the most affordable rates.

Onco Surgery

Oncology refers to the branch of medicine that deals with tumors and cancer treatment. The physicians who work in the field of oncology are termed as the Oncologists. An Oncologist first helps a patient diagnose cancer via biopsy, endoscopy, X-ray, CT scan, MRI, PET scan, ultrasound, or any radiological methods. Oncology and Hematology are often linked together as both the fields deal with blood disorders.


Urology refers to the field of medicines that focus on diseases of the urinary tract (of both male and female) and the male reproductive tract. The urinary tract is a system that creates, store, and releases urine from our body. Urologists perform treatment (and surgery in complex cases) to resolve any part of this system. Any complications present in a patient’s kidney, urethra, and ureters, bladder, or adrenal glands, Saishree Hospital urologist team can treat them.

Obesity Treatment

Obesity is highly prevalent in society in the developing and the developed countries. At present, it is a growing concern in our society and we at Sai Shree Hospital recognize that. We offer the most advanced and the best obesity treatment programme to our patients based on our assessment. If the patient’s BMI falls in the obesity range, we recommend a few tests to gain a fair understanding of the condition. We gather the following information before determining the best treatment for our patients.

Phsiotherapy & Rehabilitation Center

Physiotherapy and is an important part of the recovery process after a serious injury caused due to several factors. The rehabilitation and physiotherapy at Sai Shree Hospital are regarded as one of the best in Pune. Our team lays special emphasis on the physiotherapy programme to ensure our patients get the best physiotherapy services. In addition, our treatments are specially tailormade to suit every patient’s needs and also ensure their swift and rapid recovery.

Successfull Surgeries

Successfull Surgeries

Happy Patients

Happy Patients

Team of Doctors

Team of Doctors

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Years of Experience



Why choose SaiShree Hospital?

At Saishree Hospital, we make sure the patients receive the optimum quality of life and hence, we ensure the treatment options can best relieve our patient’s in pain. Our friendly team of doctors and their empowering knowledge of medical science have won us success over extreme medical cases that both our patients and we can cherish for life.

Our own customized treatment approach with a strong foothold on the basic principles of medicines and surgery has helped millions of patients maintain their quality of life.

Contact us if you have any queries related to a treatment option, counseling, and it’s after care. We are ever ready to help any patient in pain and make sure they don’t suffer in the hands of lack of ignorance.


Infertility is no more a curse to mankind. It is a health concern which can be very much treated and cured. Our highly expert IVF specialists make sure each of the intended couple patients experience the joy of parenthood and prolong their genetic legacy.


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