Busting 8 new grossly false myths About COVID-19 That You Need To Be Wary Of

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Busting 8 new grossly false myths About COVID-19 That You Need To Be Wary Of

Busting 8 new grossly false myths About COVID That You Need To Be Wary Of

At the time of writing this article, the toll of confirmed COVID 19 cases has risen to more than 9,000. This number is significant and isn’t going to decline unless more of us stay precocious and knowledgeable of the right ways of fighting COVID 19. There are several myths about this pandemic which WHO had previously debunked and provided the facts to tackle them. However, the human error of presuming and spreading baseless myths only prevails during this state of panic. Hence, here are some recently emerged baseless myths and the truth behind them knowledgeably guided by WHO:


Myth: COVID 19 is a systemic disease which stays in our bodies for the rest of our lives


No, COVID 19 is a viral disease which can be eliminated by the body completely by treating all its symptoms.

Hence, if you see any given symptoms of COVID 19 emerging, like dry coughing, fever, breathing difficulty, etc. directly contact a COVID centre and call an ambulance. Do not visit a general physician in that state. This infection can be completely treated with medical care.


Myth: If you can hold your breath for 10 seconds without coughing and sneezing, you’re in the safe zone.


No, this is a quack solution which does not hold scientifically.

COVID 19 can affect different people at different speeds from 2 to 10 days. So practice social distancing no matter how long you can hold your breath for. Only a proper lab test can detect the prominence of this virus and any other problem with your lungs.


Myth: If alcohol kills the virus, drinking and spraying liquor should help


This myth might be based on the half-knowledge that because alcohol-based sanitizers are suggested to prevent the virus, any type of alcohol should do. This is a highly misleading fact and drinking or spraying your body will not prevent the virus from entering your body or the virus that has already entered your body.

Contrariwise, drinking alcohol can weaken your immune system and help the virus conquer it.


Myth: If you live in an extremely hot, humid or snowy areas, no virus can ever survive near you:


This myth was already clarified by WHO that COVID 19 can survive and affect people in hot and humid climates.

However, there is NO reason to believe that colder climates would prevent the virus spread as the human body temperature always remains constant irrespective of the environment.


Myth: Mosquitoes that carry malaria can also carry the COVID 19 virus:


No. There have been no reports of any mosquito bites to be the cause of spreading this virus till date. Also, no mosquitoes have been found to carry this virus either. The only known way that COVID 19 can spread is through the fluid droplets expelled from the mouth and nose of an infected person while he sneezes or coughs.


Myth: Hand dryers and UV lamps can do what sanitizers do to the virus:


Do not mistake hand dryers and UV lamps for virus killers because they are NOT.

They cannot affect this virus the way using a sanitizer and washing your hands with soap does.


Myth: Eating raw garlic or in foods can fight off the COVID 19 virus in your body:


No. Even though garlic has antimicrobial properties and must be included in your diet, it has not been found to affect the COVID 19 virus in any way.


Myth: Antibiotics can also work against COVID 19


No, since the 2019 nCoV coronavirus is not a bacterium, antibiotics are powerless against it. However, if you’re hospitalised, you may receive antibiotic medicines to fight any corresponding bacterial infections.


The 2019 nCoV coronavirus is more harmful towards people with physical weakness and systemic problems like arthritis. If you’re suffering from such joint problems and wish to know what prompt steps to take, reach out to our orthopaedic experts at SaiShree Hospital by visiting the SaiShree website today.

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