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Just One Drop

World Diabetes Day November 14 2019

The clock is ticking

1 in 20 seconds a person with Diabetes is detected

1 in 6 seconds there is a diabetic death

1 in 7 patients is a prediabetic

1 in 5 is a diabetic

That’s how bad the stats are

That’s how fast the diabetic epidemic is growing

By 2020, around 50% of diabetics will not know whether they have Diabetes.

So, we all need to pull up the socks and should be aware of what Diabetes is actually!

To spread the awareness on Diabetes, an effort has been made at our clinic with the theme “Just one drop” because you are not aware of your sugar levels until you check your blood sugar. It might be one of the reasons why Diabetes is known to be a silent killer.

A special poster exhibition has been displayed at the hospital throughout the November month to mark the “Diabetes Awareness” month. Also, throughout the month, patients walking to the hospital will get their blood sugar checkup for free.

The exhibition conveys you the message of what Diabetes is, the myths and facts, its complications and of course the methods of prevention. There will also be a few special take-home messages to learn the a to z of Diabetes.

Our vision is to make your life diabetes-free and enhance your quality of life. Raising awareness of this ever-growing disease is one of the primary efforts behind the mission of having this poster exhibit. In this effort, we will focus on the issues surrounding Diabetes and the people suffering from the disease.

Dr.Rao strives to promote social responsibility and ethical practices for lifestyle modifications. This poster exhibit has made every effort to make the layman know what Diabetes is.

Vineet L Rao

MD DNB Medicine

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