Sprained Ankle – Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Ankle sprain is one of the commonest injuries we encounter in our day to day life. Seemingly innocuous & hence often ignored, these injuries can progress in severity & lead to painful movements of ankle. Visit Saishree Hospital and get treated by the best orthopaedic surgeon in Pune for sprained ankle.

What Causes a Sprained Ankle :

Most of the times, the mode of injury is obvious. A twisting injury to the ankle is the most common mode. It is also possible that injury might get unnoticed & patient develops symptoms later.

However some common modes of injuries are :

  • Twisting injury to the ankle during fall.
  • Walking or running on uneven surface, especially without proper footwear.
  • Athletic injuries.
  • High heeled sandals or ill-fitted footwear.
  • While exercising, jumping and landing on twisted ankle.

Symptoms & Signs :

Apart from obvious history of trauma, patient may notice a Popping sound or sensation at the time of injury. Here are the common symptoms & signs of a sprained ankle:

  • Pain, especially on movements.
  • Swelling, which is usually diffuse, but sometimes is restricted to a particular point.
  • Tenderness.
  • Painful restriction of movements.
  • Bruising, that is brownish discoloration around ankle.
  • Sometimes, there may be local warmth.

Treatment of Sprained ankle :

Sprained ankle is usually associated with Ligament or sometimes bony injuries. In most of the cases, especially where the injury is minor or has gone unnoticed, patients usually try self medication with over the counter drugs.

However it is always better to get yourself examined by our best Orthopedic surgeon in Pune who, upon examination, might suggest an X-ray to rule out bony injuries, which needs to be addressed. Proper treatment is necessary to allow healing of injured ligaments so that the injury does not become chronic. Routine treatment followed is :

  • Rest to ankle.

  • Ice fomentation.

  • Painkillers and ointments.

  • Compression bandages.

  • Ankle support.

  • In severe cases, Plaster may be necessary.

Though ankle sprain is usually managed conservatively as discussed, in rare cases our best orthopaedic surgeon in Pune suggests that surgical intervention maybe necessary.

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