What to Expect Before and After Undergoing Knee Replacement Surgery?

The decision of undergoing knee replacement surgery is a difficult one to make. The patient must be first aware of possible risks, complications, and benefits associated with knee pain treatment in Pune. Saishree Hospital is determined to offer treatment to patients only after educating them about the consequences raised following treatment.
Here is all you need to know before considering a knee replacement surgery
What to Expect While Preparing for the Surgery?
Before surgery, our knee specialist in Pune will recommend the patient to undergo a complete medical history and physical examination to make sure the patient’s health is stable and in good condition. One night before surgery, we recommend patients to avoid food consumption. However, they can follow a liquid diet with healthy eating of fresh juice and lots of water.
Make sure your home is ready for your recovery from surgery. Hire someone who can take good care of you and opt for a ground-floor room as your recovery room because stairs will be restricted post-surgery until you recover entirely — place items like your favorite books, television remotes, and phone within an accessible distance.
What to Expect on the Day of Surgery?
The patient is first placed under spinal & epidural anesthesia with mild sedation to help them relax throughout the procedure. Once the patient falls asleep, the knee surgery begins. Our best surgeon in Pune will make a small incision in the knee area to remove the damaged surfaces (cartilage) from the joint and form it to fit in the artificial knee.
Once the prosthesis is placed safely in your knee, our knee specialist in Pune closes the incision through stitches or surgical staples.
What to Expect During Rehabilitation Program?
After the completion of the surgery, the patient is taken to a recovery room where medical experts monitor your health for any alarming signs of complications. Once the patient achieves a stable state, he/she is shifted to a hospital room.
A physical therapist will be appointed soon after your surgery to guide you through different exercise program for a speedy recovery.
The Saishree Hospital team is devoted to the patient’s complete recovery, and therefore, we are happy to answer any of your questions related to knee replacement surgery. Call us today or schedule your appointment with one of the best knee specialists in Pune for more in-depth knowledge related to knee surgery.

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