4 Food Habits That Helps With Speedy-Recovery from Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is asymptomatic, many a time diagnosed with fracture following minor fall and trauma and if you have been diagnosed by it, you are in a great need of calcium, minerals, and vital vitamins. Our orthopedic doctors in Pune recommend patients who suffer low bone mass to follow nutritious and healthy lifestyle habits. Risk Factors are Old age, females, Postmenopausal, Lack of exercise, Sedentary lifestyle, Improper Nutrition.
A healthy diet is very important for healthy living. Bones in both men and women are incorporated with minerals and vitamins in their bones during childhood and adolescence period. Once you reach the age 30-40, the bone mass has achieved its peak. At this point in time, if your bones have an inadequate amount of minerals and vitamins, you are at a huge risk of developing osteoporosis and fragile bones.
How to Keep Your Bones Healthy?
If you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis – we at SaiShree Hospital recommend to change the following food habits.
1) Do Not Skip Breakfast
Breakfast is the best time to add calcium supplements for a healthy bone. Fortunately, the grocery stores are filled with calcium enriched food items. Study the labels of food ingredients and choose the eateries that contain a good portion of calcium and minerals. Calcium-fortified orange juice, fortified cereal with a cup of milk, cheese, and yogurt are the perfect breakfast supplements to add to your diet for healthy bones.
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2) Add Calcium-enriched food items to your Lunch
Canned fish holds a high level of calcium. Like human bones, fish bones are also contained with rich calcium. Sauted greens, eggs, cheddar cheese, salmon, and broccoli together makes a power pack lunch and are best for those running late at work or cannot make time for preparing lunch.
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3) Consume Foods High in Magnesium and Zinc
Calcium is not the only mineral your bones are in need of. If you are suffering from borderline osteoporosis, add magnesium and zinc to your food habits. Magnesium has an important role to play in converting Vitamin D into an active form that helps with calcium absorption in the body. Zinc, on the other hand, promotes the formation of bone-building cells and builds it strong.
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4) Perform Weight Bearing Exercises
Studies have shown a tremendous improvement among old men and women who perform weight-bearing exercises. Specific types of exercises strengthen our bone, prevent inflammation, and increase bone density.
Perform Weight Bearing Exercises
Saishree Orthopedic Hospital in Pune has helped thousands of patients attain healthy bone and improve their overall quality of life. Our expert surgeons make sure the patients receive customized treatments with a good rehabilitation program and sustain a healthy, pain-free life.

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