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As the name suggests, “hip preservation” is all about preserving and protecting our hips from injuries, damages, or disease. Are you preserving your hips, joints, bones, and cartilage or simply looking out for remedies to conceal the wear and tear of bones and cartilage? Saishree Hospital is one of the most well-renowned centers for hip arthroscopy treatment and hip replacement surgery in Pune. Our experienced board-certified hip replacement surgeons in Pune not only understand the intricacies of major hip conditions but also treat them with advanced treatment approach.
Hip Conditions Addressed With Hip Preservation Surgery
The struggle with hip pain and discomfort can be debilitating and no one wants to go through it. Unfortunately, one in four senior citizens will experience hip pain over the age of 60 and it can keep you awake late at night. Where there are many other reasonable factors causing hip pain like fractures, falls, and arthritis, hip preservation surgery addresses the following hip conditions:
1) Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI): This condition mostly refers to patients with extra bone growth in the bones that form into the hip joint. This additional bone growth causes severe pain, stiffness, and limping due to friction generated when the bones rub together.
2) Hip Labrum Tear: Athletes are more prone to abrupt trauma caused due to the sports-related collision. Damage caused to the labrum cartilage between the ball and socket (femoral head and acetabulum) is often termed as a labral tear. Symptoms for labral tear can be throbbing pain resonating in the hip joint.
3) Snapping Hip Syndrome: Snapping hip syndrome might be painless but it can be as frustrating as any kind of hip pain. It is mostly considered as a byproduct of tightened muscles and tendons around the hip.
4) Trochanteric Pain Syndrome: This syndrome often gets cured with medication, non-surgical treatment, and few exercises. However, very often the case can turn into a severe complication. Fortunately, the Trochanteric pain and tendons tears are curable through arthroscopic and minimally invasive techniques.
Treatment Overview
Hip preservation or hip arthroscopic surgery is an advanced approach performed using fiber-optic cameras and small instruments. Reasons why patients often consider hip arthroscopic surgery over more invasive hip surgery techniques are:
• The treatment is performed with smaller incisions
• This fastens the recovery time for patients
• Minimal Scarring
• Effective healing leads to smoother activity levels for athletes and patients over the age 60
At Saishree hospital, we are dedicated to offering the best treatment that helps patients resume their accustomed activities and lifestyles.
Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Hip Surgery?
Hip preservation surgery is an ideal choice for patients suffering from hip pain and injury that does not respond to prior medications, exercises, or non-surgical treatment approaches. Patients with advanced or moderate arthritis are not the ideal candidates for hip surgery. However, you can discuss your concerns and options with our skilled and experienced hip preservation specialists at our orthopedic hospital in Pune.
Athletes, young adults (15 years and older), and active people can always consider hip preservation surgery for effective results and outcomes.
The Rehabilitation Program
Although the recovery timing for hip preservation surgery varies from patient to patient, most of the patients can go home within a day or two. Depending on the surgical procedure, health conditions, and other health factors, a patient may get off to their feet within two weeks but will require post-rehabilitation program and few exercises to fasten their recovery and functionality of the hip.
Connect with us for more information on hip surgery and orthopedic conditions. Our board-certified surgeons and specialists will attend your queries and concerns until it gives you a satisfactory output result.

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  1. Hip arthroscopy is an innovative approach that utilizes fiber-optic cameras and small instruments to treat painful hip conditions. While hip arthroscopy addresses a number of hip conditions, it also provides patients with several benefits over more invasive hip surgery techniques.

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