4 Significant Advantages Of Total Hip Replacement

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4 Significant Advantages Of Total Hip Replacement

total hip replacement surgery

Recent advancements in the medical field have led to solving most of the health-related problems at ease.
In this blog, we will talk about one such procedure i.e., the total hip replacement treatment.
A total hip replacement is considered by the specialist only when all other conservative remedies fail to offer relief from pain, stiffness, and other functionalities of your hip. It is essential to understand that most healthcare experts recommend delaying hip replacement until it is required.

Below we have highlighted the advantages of a total hip replacement to help our readers understand the treatment and its outcome.

1. The success rate is high

The total hip replacement treatment enjoys a high success and is considered one of the most successful operations in the medical field. The treatment is one of the safest, durable, and one of the most effective ways to treat several problems that come along with arthritis.

2. Offers relief from pain

One of the greatest advantages of a hip replacement procedure is that it offers relief from pain. Most patients reveal complete or near-complete relief from arthritic hip pain.

3. Enhanced mobility and function of the hip

Once, the pain is reduced; there is an increase in the mobility of the patients who have undergone the treatment. Further, the hip function improves drastically, and patients can easily carry out tasks such as climbing the stairs, wearing socks, getting up from a chair or bed, etc. on their own.

4. Long-term results

Hip replacement treatment is a long-term solution to treat problems that come with severe hip arthritis. According to existing evidence, around 80-85 per cent of hip replacements are still functioning even at 20 years after they were inserted. Unlike total knee replacement, hip replacement has less mechanical forces acting on them reducing the stress on the bones and increasing the life of the implants.

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