4 Effective and Important Post-operative Shoulder Surgery Tips

If you are experiencing problems with your shoulder for a prolonged period, there is a strong chance you have considered surgery. The anticipation of operation and recovery from the procedure is something likely to raise several questions in your mind. Besides, with years of experience in this field, we have observed that patients are primarily focused on the day of the procedure. Although you need to be aware of the do’s and dont’s before the surgery, you should also keep in mind a few valuable post-operative tips to ensure smooth and rapid recovery. Post-operative care is as essential as pre-operative care for the success of the surgery.


If you are looking for one of the most well-reputed and best orthopaedic hospitals in Pune, look no further than Sai Shree Hospital. We offer a wide range of advanced, medically and technologically validated shoulder treatments including, shoulder arthroscopy and shoulder replacement surgery in Pune. This blog will throw light on how you can optimise your recovery period efficiently.


Post-surgery recovery period


1. Wear a sling


After the surgery, your doctor will direct you to wear a supportive sling at all times to immobilise your arm and the shoulder. It is advisable to wear the sling for most of the hours of the day. Our experts will lay down the guidelines for times when you have to bathe, get dressed, or perform activities in which your arm needs to be extended. It is very crucial to follow these instructions religiously to ensure a smooth recovery.

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2. Sleeping position


Sleeping comfortably can prove to be difficult especially for a few days following the surgery. A recliner is an alternative for a few individuals rather than resting on a bed. Moreover, we understand that you may be tempted to remove the sling while sleeping; it is essential to keep it on as it is one of the most effective ways to protect the shoulder at night.

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3. Driving


A lot of patients tend to ignore this point, but it is vital to refrain from driving until your doctor gives you the green signal. Besides, not only your control of the vehicle is limited; medication can make driving severely dangerous. Thus, it is important to discuss when you can start driving with your doctor before hitting the road again.


4. Physiotherapy

 Our experienced and highly trained doctors will assess your condition during your first post-operative visit. Based on their assessment, they will formulate an effective physical therapy programme to ensure smooth and rapid recovery post-surgery. Once again, it is essential to follow the instructions and follow the physiotherapy programme to promote the best outcome.

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As a patient, knowing what to expect post-surgery is essential. Thus, it is vital to discuss the same with your doctor to understand the different aspects of the surgery and recovery from the same. At Sai Shree Hospital, our experts help patients understand the various nuances of the operation and offer their insights related to post-surgery care to ensure swift and efficient recovery.

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