6 Easy Steps to Prevent a Runner’s Knee and Enhancing Fitness Levels

Today, if you notice, a vast majority of young individuals exercise regularly. The focus on staying fit has increased in the last decade and the trend is set to continue. These exercises involve working out in the gym, jogging, cycling and various other fitness activities. However, there is always a certain risk of getting injured if the necessary precautionary measures are not taken.
In the current scenario, several individuals complain about pain in the knee due to running and other activities that cause the ‘Runner’s knee’. The medical term for ‘runner’s knee’ is called patellofemoral pain syndrome. There is no single major event that causes a runner’s knee. Regular running, working out, going up and down the stairs are a few activities that have the potential to cause pain in your knees. It is important to address this pain before it turns into a serious injury.
The knee joint falls between the hip and the foot. It is important to note that problems in spine, hip or foot can also be one of the reasons why the knee joint is affected. Dr. Neeraj Adkar at SaiShree Hospital is one of the leading Knee specialists in Pune. We are touted as one of the best hospitals for Joint replacement and Sports injury center in Pune.

Let’s discuss how one can prevent a runner’s knee in the future.


1. Warming up and cooling down

Often, we do not warm up our bodies before working out or indulging in a physical activity. Further, it is equally important to cool down post working out. Stretching, cardiovascular activities and several strengthening exercises have an important role in preventing runner’s knee.

2. Invest in good footwear

The biomechanical issues can be reduced if the foot is given the right kind of support. This, in turn, reduces the chances of getting a runners knee. The structure of the feet varies from individual to individual. Hence, it is important to try different footwear and identifying which type offers sufficient support to your feet.
Moreover, it is essential to regularly keep changing your footwear as the shock absorbing properties wear out over time that could potentially cause distress to your knees.

3. Do not over train and exert your knees

Very often, athletes and sportsman train more than usual during an upcoming event or a competition. In this process, the athletes overuse their knee which reduces your body’s ability to recover from it. It is crucial to offer enough rest to your knees so that the body can function properly.

4. Wearing a support

In an ideal scenario, when your knee is completely stable and fit, there is no need for a brace or a support. However, if you experience frequent pain in your knees while running, a brace could be helpful in terms of supporting the knee. A knee brace is an effective alternative to curb the pain and offer support to your knee.

5. Focus on exercising

Running can prove to be an effective workout to enhance your fitness levels. However, restricting your workouts only to running could cause damage to your knee. A mixture of different types of exercises would significantly reduce the force on your knee and decrease the chances of getting a ‘runner’s knee’. Further, while turning your focus to the other muscles in the body, your overall strength is also likely to increase. Along with losing weight, you can improve your balance, coordination, flexibility, power, and endurance by turning to other exercises apart from running.

6. RICE therapy

R-rest, I-ice packs, C-compression, E-elevation
This therapy significantly reduces inflammation and pain.If you ever experience a runner’s knee or pain in your knee joint, SaiShree Hospital is the right place for you. We have gained an immense reputation as one of the best hospitals for Joint replacement and Sports injury center in Pune. Our team of highly professional and qualified Doctors along with dedicated Physiotherapists strive to offer the best treatment alternatives to our patients.

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