Everything You Should Know About Recovering From a Knee Replacement Surgery

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Everything You Should Know About Recovering From a Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee is the largest joint in the human body. It is practically impossible to carry out day to day activities without a fully functional knee. Can you imagine your life without having knees? No, right? Knees are essential to support the body weight, squatting, pivoting and more. It is safe to say that knees play a crucial role to maintain an active and a healthy lifestyle. As the medical facilities worldwide have enhanced significantly, it is possible to undergo surgeries and treatment for any disease or medical problem easily.

Knee replacement surgeries have gained significant recognition in the last couple of decades owing to the advantages associated with it. It offers comfort, relieves pain and improves the overall ability to perform tasks that were not easy to perform during the pre-surgery phase.
Saishree Hospital is a well-established Orthopedic hospital in, Aundh, Pune which offers a wide range of orthopedic treatments including, Joint replacement surgery, Sports injuries, Spine surgery and more.
Today, one of the most glaring doubt that the patients have regarding knee replacement surgery is the recovery process and time. Let’s discuss the important details regarding the recovery from a knee replacement surgery.

1. Time to recover

This is probably the most raised concern on medical forums related to knee replacement surgery . The recovery time differs from patient to patient based on their body type and overall physical conditions. However, patients are typically mobilised within 24 hours of surgery with the help of walker under the expert supervision of the physiotherapist. Toilet training like commode chair sitting is done within 48 hours from the surgery. Patient needs regular physio and walking aid for initial 3 to 4 weeks. Typically patient is discharged within 4 to5 days from surgery and are allowed to travel to their native places with certain special precautions.

2. Pain management techniques

Pain management is one of the most important aspects of recovery from a knee replacement surgery. Patients should be aware of the discomfort, pain, medication and everything they should do post-surgery. Pain management techniques significantly help in the recovery process. Epidural analgesia (in selected individuals) has emerged as a single most pain relieving factor in controlling post-operative pain.

3. Physical Therapy

Systematic and protocol based physical therapies under the supervision of dedicated Physiotherapist forms an integral part of successful rehabilitation post knee replacement surgery. It is important to build strength of the muscles and increase the range of motion to ensure that maximum Range of Motion is achieved. The experts at Sai Shree Hospital, a highly reputed Orthopedic hospital in Aundh, Pune also recommend physical therapy and exercise for a swift and a smooth recovery.

4. Other concerns

Traditionally, the recovery process, post a knee surgery has not been relatively quick, but the advancement of technologies like CAS (Computer Assisted Surgery), and Navigation based joint replacement have changed this scenario. Like every other surgery, there are risks associated with knee replacement surgery as well. Patients should be aware of the potential complications of the surgery and discuss the same with their surgeons. Although there are risks involved and TKR being a technically demanding procedure, knee replacement surgery enjoys a success rate of around 98 percent.

The above factors need to be taken into consideration and it is recommended that patients conduct their own research regarding knee replacement. SaiShree Hospital encourages a patient to patient dialogue to share experience, address their concerns and alleviate their anxieties. SaiShree hospital offers a Knee replacement Surgery centre in Pune with a team of highly experienced and qualified orthopedic surgeons.

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