Back Pain: 5 Vital Signs That Indicate You Should Visit a Doctor Soon

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Back Pain: 5 Vital Signs That Indicate You Should Visit a Doctor Soon

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Four out of five adults suffer from back pain at some point during their lifetime. Back pain affects millions of people worldwide. In most cases, a person is likely to recover from back pain in a few days or weeks without any special treatment. In very few cases, unfortunately, the pain may become chronic.

According to the best spine specialists in Pune, it is important to visit a doctor and get your back checked to understand the magnitude of the problem. SaiShree Hospital, Aundh, Pune is one of the leading hospitals in Pune with a team of the best Spine specialists in Pune. Our goal is to offer the best available treatment modalities for spine pathologies.

The vertebral column is one of the most vital parts as it offers structural integrity to the body and is vital to carry out important functions. Moreover, it offers protection to the spinal cord and the nerves that send/receive signals to/from the rest of the body. Approximately around 19 million people worldwide visit a spine doctor. However, patients often wonder when they should visit a spine specialist. Let’s discuss the various signs that indicate you should visit a doctor if you are suffering from back pain.

1. Persistent pain in the back

In most cases, back pain will usually go away with sufficient rest and over the counter medications. However, if the pain persists for over six weeks, it is the right time to see a doctor. In most cases, sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise and a bad posture are responsible for the lingering pain in the back and it is important to address the same as soon as possible.


2. Pain radiating to Buttocks or legs

This pain is not restricted to your back but goes down towards either the buttocks or the legs. This is a warning sign that one of the nerves going out from spine and supplying the lower limbs is getting affected. You should immediately take an appointment with your Spine doctor. In such cases you would be advised to get an x-ray, MRI etc. which would help in your diagnosis and a proper planning of your treatment.


3. Numbness

Back pain may be associated with weakness or numbness in some parts of the body. It is important to identify the areas of the body that feel weak and numb. In addition, if you are suffering from pain in the back especially in the spine region, you may experience numbness or a tingling sensation in your fingers and toes. This could potentially be a sign of nerve damage in the back leading to numbness.


4. Back pain and fever

If your back pain is accompanied by a fever you may have an active infection, most likely, in some part of your Spine. This is a serious issue and needs immediate attention. Consult your Spine doctor asap.


5. Back pain with Unexpected weight loss/ anorexia

If there is an unexplained weight loss coupled with pain in the back and loss of appetite, there is a possibility of something more severe than a sore or a pulled muscle and needs medical attention


SaiShree Hospital offers a wide range of spine treatments in Pune. We are one of the most well-established hospitals for a spine surgery in Pune. We at SaiShree believe we can make a difference in your life offering the World class Spinal treatments to our patients. Our team of highly qualified and experienced Spine surgeons is committed to offering the best solutions to our patients.

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