Spinal Fusion- Procedure, Risks, and Rehabilitation

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Spinal Fusion- Procedure, Risks, and Rehabilitation

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Spinal fusion is a surgery performed to join the two vertebrae into one whole structure. It is recommended to patients suffering from severe back pain caused due to the movement of both the vertebrae. Once the two bones are fused, they are restricted from moving and causing pain. Saishree Hospital spinal cord specialist in Pune has been performing state of the art surgeries and has an impressive record in patient handling, surgery, and rehabilitation program.
When Do I Need a Spinal Fusion?
If you or your loved ones have been suffering from severe back pain which no medicines or exercises caused improvement, our spine surgeon in Pune might recommend you a spinal fusion surgery. The spinal fusion surgery is an ideal treatment for patients who suffered:
• Degenerative disc disease (pain caused due to the movement of two vertebrae)
• The injury that caused fracture of the spinal bone
• Scoliosis or kyphosis – A condition where the spine curves abnormally medio-laterally or anteriorly.
• Spinal canal Stenosis that cause narrowing of the spinal canal
• Spondylolisthesis- where vertebral body slides over another vertebra and causes compression of nerve roots or spinal canal Stenosis
• Spine tumour
Treatment Overview
The spinal fusion treatment is performed by your doctor making an incision from the back or through your belly (depending on the severity of your case and other risk complications). The damaged and affected joint(s) are then removed. The doctor with the help of screw, rod, or piece of bone (graft) from another part of your body connects the disc and restricts its movement.
The bone graft used for this surgery is often taken from the same spinal bone or your hip or pelvis or a donor graft. The whole operation might take a few hours, and you must visit the hospital with a family member or friend to take you back home.
Risks and Complications
Like any surgery, spinal fusion also comes with few risks and complications. Make sure you have the best spine specialist in Pune to perform this treatment. A highly experienced bone specialist will eliminate the risk of spinal fusion surgery like:
• Bleeding
• Blood clotting
• Infection
• Severe pain
• Nerve injury
• Tissue infection due to donor graft
• Shaking chills
At Saishree Hospital, we make sure our patients attain complete recovery. Therefore, our rehabilitation program includes occupational therapists that can help the patients sit on the bed, walk, and lie down. In the meantime, avoid heavy lifting, heavy exercises, or any such activity that stress your backbones.

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